Shane Eagle – War Paint Lyrics

Shane Eagle War Paint Lyrics

To da streets
Yeah yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Sometimes I wonder…

Sometimes I wonder when the Lord will wash away my pain
And I think, where do homeless people spend the day?
When it rains (Rains, rains, rains, rains)
I know God he gon’ pull up in disguise
Heard He look like me and you, in the sky
How many lies will these rappers tell? Only time could tell
Jesus Piece on my neck, for them that’s casting spells, we blessed

There’s a war outside, a war outside
And we want peace in streets

(Yo, yo)
Straight out the fire, it’s a Holy water, He the mightiest
I’m a giant, these boys is tiny to me
Get on my temper, ain’t no telling what the outcome will be
My pops landed ’96 my mama came out with me
I got verses and keys that can set you free
In exchange for a stream, I think they sellin’ us dreams
Tell me, who pullin’ your strings?
Got none of them on my wings
I seen the exit and it’s not what you think
I seen the boys that you speak about so highly and they not who you think
I left my chain at the crib but all my verses still link
It ain’t an album ’til Eagle is on your album, facts
Been at the top, these boys chart for a hour max (N****)

We gon’ be here forever

This the final cut, they actin’ like it’s training day
You should focus on your money and get your paper straight
But they just blowin’ smoke, killin’ time
You spend on jewels, and dropping dimes

There’s a war outside, a war outside
And we want peace in streets
(Feel me?)

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