Zoocci Coke Dope – ZOOLOOS REVENGE Lyrics

Zoocci Coke Dope ZOOLOOS REVENGE Lyrics

F*ck the other side
F*ck the other side
Actin’ like you gang but I know you a lie
I don’t give a f*ck you see it in my eyes
When it comes to certain things I cannot compromise yeah
It’s a shame just to say the least
I been working hard tryna pay the lease
Walk with baby momma somewhere on a beach
Oh you think you f*ckin’ with me n*gga that’s a reach. Yeah

Presidential like I’m Putin.
If you call me out just be careful where you rootin’
People change on you like a mood ring
I don’t deal with mood swings it’s not the way we do things.
You don’t have to get involved n*gga we straight.
If I say I cut you off I don’t make peace yeah
I don’t answer calls and that’s for peace sake
If I say I cut you off I don’t make peace yeah

You’re throwing pebbles at a bulletproof glass
So much faking in the air I need a mask
New season and it’s time to change the cast
Who gives a fuck if you were with me in the past
F*ck a time difference you don’t make a difference
N*ggas wanna talk but n*ggas never listen
Since I was a youngin’ I been on a mission
I’m blocking n*ggas out they’re f*cking with my vision
This gang gang sh*t come at a high price
I can’t be taking things light like my family nice
Deep inside my girl it feel like paradise

I’m taking all my chances gotta roll the dice
I’m watching how you act when we don’t get along
That sh*t just kinda showed me that I wasn’t wrong
Spewing so much hatred and it’s hella strong
I’ll be right here with my n*ggas back where I belong

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