Yumi Zouma – Haunt Lyrics

Yumi Zouma Haunt Lyrics

Verse I
You take another’s voice and walk it round the block
You say you loved me once, but you don’t wanna talk
It’s not unreasonable, the question that I asked
This is it right now and you don’t have the heart

And I meant what I said when I said you were hard to forgive
And hard to forget
‘Cause despite what I do, I’m still haunted by you in the end
You never said you’re sorry

Verse II
Your father was a lawyer, should’ve known what’s right
Your mother worked at the library but not a book in sight
I never truly knew her, but your sister was a friend
And still I was alone with no defense

Verse III
You said you’ve seen his face in posters on the street
I’m sure remembering’s much harder than it seems
Must follow you around, a hometown memory
And you were only kids, but it still haunts your dreams



I still see your face in posters on the street
Still so threatening, I find it hard to breathe
Follows me around, a ghost I never see
Until I’m fast asleep, and then you haunt my dreams


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