Young T & Bugsey – Been a Minute Lyrics

Young T & Bugsey Been a Minute Lyrics

Yeah, it’s been a minute

Rise above all the hate
This a next phase, run at the Devil, burn all the sage
My real name’s Ra’chard the Great
Throwin’ dirt on my name from diggin’ they own grave
My real die tryin’, but maybe late
Hope it grows, if it don’t, just let fate be fate
I’m eatin’ all my simmers and my family for the very first time
And my late brothers wake
Alright, cut the ish already, we been at the crossroads like the cliff already
Already in this game fam’, they’re waitin’ and lurkin’ to snake you
They’re workin’ at the splits already
Have you ever met some Evel Knievels that move like they lethal, but really, they’re weasels
I’m back now, I’m movin’ the needle, we’re far more than reason
My stature is regal
They been writtin’ me, I sign it, it’s legal
My lawyer didn’t tell me that ancillary’s a penal
Have you ever had a song go worldwide and not even seen a penny nor a crumb off a peanut?
In this life, you get humbled in seasons, I learn off my daughter, she’s more like a teacher
This past years, I came closer to the God
I might make a gospel record and get Stormzy to feature
Never look down on your family or act it, don’t matter if they’re wheelers and dealers
Play a fool to catch a fool
I ain’t never played chess, can you show me where the queen is?
Only say the words if you mean it, it’s power, that’s why we got to spell it for a reason
I’m tryna put you on a little secret, it’s all from within, I didn’t have to rub a genie

Yeah, yeah
Recite the prayer that my mother used to tell
Always be the head, never be the tail
Always be yourself, stroll within your world
If I’m in a shark tank, then I’ll always be the whirl
If I didn’t thank God, then I’d probably be in Hell
If I never left Naij’, then I’d probably be unwell
‘Cause, my journey here was sickenin’
I took a leap of faith
I told my brothers, “Do the same,” but they was ribetin’
They locked my brother, but I still see the king in him
My son look just like me, I see the twin in him
My father reachin’ out, but I feel the Jinn in him
Not the good type, the evil and sick within
You left your family for dead, how you askin’ me for bread?
The audacity, I feel like puttin’ money on his head
Raise my little bro’, feel like I was all they had
Mum was workin’ three jobs, don’t know when she comin’ back (Back)
Stage 2, hope it’s never comin’ back (Back)
Lived through it, so I know how to react
Never thought I would’ve reached the pinnacle
80/20 deal, give me all residuals
2024, keep the talkin’ to a minimal
Pistol to a blade, every single game is winnable
Cynical, I’m a cynic
Me and T ain’t ride the Honda Civic in a minute
We live with no limit
Bibby, Lil Herb
How you meant to run if you’re afraid to fall first?
Tryna rob a livin’, but I was just a lil’ burst, I was just a lil’ twerp
Strike gold off a just a few words
Not a buster or crusty, that shotty rusty but trusty
Double-cross me if you’re a numpty
And if you out f**ks me, I wish you luck, G
A cheerful heart is good medicine
I let the pain run out, but pain settles in
They’re tryna taint my crown, I’m here sizzlin’
Told her
He’s doin’ good, he’s my reminder to win