Wolf –The Ill-fated Mr. Mordrake Lyrics

Wolf The Ill-fated Mr. Mordrake Lyrics

Edward Mordrake
What’s in the back of your head?
Edward Mordrake
Can it speak with the dead?
Edward, Edward…
Can you hear me?

Mr. Mordrake
Does it whisper in your ear?
Sinister Mordrake
Things that you don’t like to hear

Edward, Edward
Can you hear me?

Edward Mordrake
Is it driving you insane?
Tell me, Mordrake
Do you share the same brain?

Edward, Edward
Can you tell me
Oh, Edward, Edward
Please tell me

Where does your devil twin begin and where do you end?
Or are you thesame?
Will the voice be silent at the end of the rope?
In one leap of hope

Just one leap of hope

Edward Mordrake
You think you’re all alone
But my dear Mordrake
We’re more alike than you would know
Edward, my friend, I can hear it too, it’s driving me insane


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