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Why Tulz betrays Sis Tamara – BBMzansi

Tulz betrays Sis Tamara

It all began when Sis Tamara used their Veto power to save Tulz from being put on the chopping block. Instead, they chose to sacrifice their best friend, Terry’s lover, Vyno who was later on officially Evicted from the House.

Since Tulz was spared by Sis Tamara, he then automatically owed her a favour … at least that’s what everyone thought. We were all convinced that should at any time Tulz win HoH and Sis Tamara be Nominated for possible Eviction, Tulz would come to her rescue and use his Veto power to save her. Unfortunately, yesterday, this was not the case. As all the Nominated Housemates were requested by Biggie to stand up, Sis Tamara didn’t seem worried at all. She clearly thought that Tulz had their back, but unfortunately, that was not the case.

The new HoH turned on Sis Tamara by using his Veto power to save Nominated fellow Housemate Terry instead of Sis Tamara. This left viewers, as well as the Housemates, shocked, no one could have predicted this betrayal. Tulz motivated this move by stating in front of the entire House and to Biggie that even though he is aware that he owes Sis Tamara a favour, Terry has been going through a lot, especially since she lost Vyno and that’s why he opted to save her.

Even though at that moment Sis Tamara didn’t say anything, it was quite evident from her facial expression that she was in disbelief and quite hurt. Could Sis Tamara be getting a taste of their own medicine after what she did to Terry previously? Not only did she sacrifice Terry’s man, Vyno but had also put Terry’s name up for Possible Eviction.


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