Wallows – She’s an Actress Lyrics

Wallows Shes an Actress Lyrics

Who’s been out here?
Hold your hand up
I could call it even if you never stand up
Two more blank eyes looking through me
Thinking of a place from where you maybe knew me
Been in search of new sensations
Now I’m just looking for some communication
Is there ever a simple answer?
She’s a model, she’s an actress, she’s a dancer

If the mood’s right, we’ll talk all night
It might be a road to nowhere, but it’s alright
It might help me not feel empty
Have you learned something about me once you’ve left me?

What’s the motive?
What’s the reason?
What’s the right or wrong occasion for an evening?
I’m just craving a connection
Can you tell I’m nervous just by my complexion?
Guess I’m gaining some momentum
Yeah, we’ve got a little tension, and it’s pent-up
It means nothing
But I know one thing
I’ll keep running until I crash into something

There’s people knocking at my door
Don’t know if I can let ’em in
I need to be alone, not be taken away
I thought that I owed myself all this time
I don’t want to be forgotten, but I’ve been avoiding being found
Maybe what I owe myself is an open heart
To someone I want to keep around

Arms are reaching
Eyes are open
It’s my first time doing this, so here’s to hoping
She’s a wonder
A sensation
She’s like a figment of my imagination
Do your words hold hidden meaning?
Hold your gaze on me, and I feel like I’m dreaming
I looked up to you above me
Said it’s difficult to not say that you love me

And if you’re ever at my door
You know I’ll always let you in
I’m no longer afraid of being taken away
So give me your hand, and I’ll give you mine
I want to keep up with you, so could you tell me what you think feels good?
And if you want it, lovely girl, then you got it, ah
Make you scream about it like you should