Valentine’s Day Gifts For 2022


When it comes to buying Valentine‘s Day Gifts for kids, you could be shopping for a boy who loves cuddles, snuggles, and all things sweet. Or, you could have someone who finds hearts and mushy stuff completely yucky.

But when February 14 rolls around, you’re going to want to get him a little something to show you care — without embarrassing the pants off of him.

We have ideas for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for boys, no matter his tolerance is for displays of affection. Some are full of the typical hearts, flowers, and chocolates you associate with the holiday, while others don’t go anywhere near that red or pink.

To compile the list, we used best-sellers and editor favorites, as well as some toys that have been tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute for consideration for their Best Toy Awards.

There are ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for toddlers through teens, and at a range of prices, so you’ll be set whether you’re looking for a big to-do or something to add to the goodie bags in the class party. No matter which one you pick, he’ll get the message that he is loved

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