$uicideboy$ – The Thin Grey Line Lyrics

$uicideboy$ The Thin Grey Line Lyrics

Romeo da black rose
I feel like princess peach
Rose gold all on my mercedes
Rose gold on my b****
Lookin like her name mercedes
I need a hoe who down
One who’ll ask whatup ladies
Switched out the friendly smile
With a face that reads f**k you pay me

Ain’t got rabies
I just overdosed off coke n dope
I know they hope I died
My back is aching from holding the underground down
Ever since we dropped high tide
Standing in my grave like I aint 5’9
One more minute til the hours done I take my time
Fake my pride
It’s really all about state of mind anyway
Reality reflected the state of your nervous system
Listening in on ya b****in
It sounds like belong in the kitchen
I ain’t got time
Sui suicide
Made a whole culture that’s based on dying
Another cult member showed up early just so they could wait in line

Wetto in that trx
Higher than the upper deck
The way she suck my dick, im rubbernecking at her rubber neck
Christians holler what the heck?!
I call me to cut my check
Overdosing off the dope and still aint feeling nothing yet
Glock 19 with the red dot beam
F**k rapping, when im shooting im at my best
Police come, take the ak out, aim that mother f**ker straight right at his chest
Talking about killing got my dick getting hard
Smoke got me paranoid, so I smoke some more
When they bury me put the scripts in my jacket
Hoes in my casket
Think I need four?
Oh oh oh

Walking this beat
Face looking like aint nothing I aint seen
Dogs in my lungs every time that I breathe
Ima fiend for the war
Ima breed they can’t be
Say what I mean
Lie when I speak
If an opp die before we can meet, ill catch them in hell and ill send him to heaven
Not even his god can f**king protect him
Got b****es that love me that I don’t remember
My gang members around in me every direction
Its $ui!