Tips For Raising Your New Pet

How To Choose A Pet For Life

During your pet’s first few early morning bathroom trips, you might find yourself thinking that it’s almost like you’ve welcomed a new baby into your home and that’s because it kind of is! Those first few months after bringing your new pet home will be equal measures exciting and tiring as you both learn about one another, bond, and start your training.

Training should take up a big chunk of time in the early weeks and months with a new dog or cat, and positive reinforcement techniques (rewarding for good behavior) is an expert-approved way to train your new animal. It might be worth investing in doggie training or obedience classes, especially if your dog’s past experiences cause them to be especially anxious or fearful.

Don’t be discouraged if it takes a bit of time for you to find your groove with your pet. In fact, community shelters can be useful when it comes to providing guidance to new pet owners. (They’ll often have resources ranging from behavioral tips to recommendations for local dog walkers.) Your shelter is likely to put on adoption events so you can meet other pet owners in your area, too.


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