Tanasha Donna – Karma Lyrics

Tanasha Donna Karma Lyrics (feat. Barak Jacuzzi)

You racist I’m not in a rush take your
Opinion stepping it dust boilers in my
Dear make me blush huh
Wait why you all up in my plate all in
My business copy and paste I’m a

Star you’re riding his wave
If god’s not in your life I don’t want
It straight to the top you know I’m a
Butter no time for an opinion trying to
Beat violin dripping in product look at
My outfit murder this first I’m a
Culprit mommy is kenyan daddy’s italian

Pushing this whip and these horses
Don’t say I’m overrated some say I’m
Underrated just trying to feed nj I’m
Just trying to make paper
Some pretend that they like me
But I know that they hate us

Don’t kill my vibe quit testing my
Double the price
Nothing but hennessy middle fingers to
My enemies I’m a lover till they need to
Be I’m gonna love it till I’m swiss

Beast then I’m loving on alicia keys
Baby what’s trapping she told me she
Don’t want a rapper I know what she done
But let’s see what’s up after the party
Just started I gotta go hit the stage
Most of these be mini-made 15 all
A get black tents when I’m in the
Whip black man with a lot of chips

Foreign jacket with designer zips let me
Show you rappers how to drip if I’m
Overrated then you’re under it analytics
Say the women loving it respectfully I
Make em all feel special she got a man
For cheating tonight
Leave it to karma

  • Written by: Tanasha Donna, Barack Jacuzzi
  • Album: Karma
  • Released: 2022

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