Szpaku – Minimini2 Lyrics English Translation

Szpaku Minimini2 Lyrics English Translation

Mrs. Dorota said: “Head up, young”
And she did not know that there were only walls and logs here
Dorota has freshly cured cancer
Three metastases, the chemistry will give the family another month to cry
The water sticks his concrete head, turns it into telephones, stands in white after the mephedrone
This is how my Sienkiewicz block house has fun
Nobody wrote a book here, at most they signed up, they made an excursion
I think I already had it in front of this neighborhood shop
Mom wakes me up, don’t be ashamed
But this is difficult at times
In times where I do drugs, then I go to school
Forgive the others, but my wires are burnt
Not after college, but after rehab at best
Not for dogs, for friends when he burned
There is a golden spider on my ear, because I heard rock
The devils took Tate, and I cried out to your Gods
He had black eyes in the mirror while I was shaving
It’s paranormal or still paranoid
If you have a daughter from a girl, don’t you see her in the clip
I know this woman’s heart broke
As if you saw it falling apart

Mom takes the machete, is it a path or not yet
Mordo how the room looked, as if I changed rooms
My colleague is a genius for faults
Turns off the light before you can say anything
And if I had no skills, I wouldn’t be where I am
And as I talked to, he said he sees us in himself
So fuck these rappers, fuck good chorus at last
Multiple times without a sense of rhythm are still tacky

Ganja well cheated, write the search report
It’s not the Amagana Mafia
In shock, the police baton
These are for people in chimneys, they are also unrecognizable
It wakes them up in crime fiction, we keep sending tapes there

A few years ahead, it’s that punch in the beak
If you had honor, you fucking would have figured it was a solo and withdrew your testimony
I have never signed the deal
And you say every stanza is played for hay
This is where Cheef flew with Kanye go with a drink
I’ve been into street rap, but I don’t believe in fairy tale anymore
This favorite rapper of yours is a created character
But what can I say, you’ll see when you get to know him
The teacher asks the children if I have any drug money
It’s not gangster, teach them to dream or change your profession

Life not MiniMini, no
Minimini, the rude here didn’t like me
Evil Minimini, no MiniMini, no
Minimini, they wanted to put me on their mines

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