Sycco – Ripple Lyrics

Sycco Ripple Lyrics (feat. Flume & Chrome Sparks)

Take one and light it
Cos it’s a lot to figure out
Know what I’m hiding
But I don’t want us falling out
Not what I thought it was
See where I’m coming from I
Take one and light it
To stop myself from spinning out

Running my mind
So I might try
Changing my mind
But it’s not like
A couple bad nights
Is enough time
I might try

I won’t
Say no
Stay home
Just let it ripple
Let go
Stay close
Just let it ripple no

Quit while I’m crying
Cause I can’t give you what you need
It’s paralysing
That I don’t feel the same baby
Stay open minded
I didn’t mean to go so deep
Take one and light It
To stop myself from spinning out

  • Written by: Harley Streten, Jeremy Malvin, Sarah Aarons, Sasha McLeod
  • Album: Ripple
  • Released: 2022

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