Stormzy – I Got My Smile Back Lyrics

Stormzy I Got My Smile Back Lyrics Stormzy

They tried to tell us that we can’t adjust
Everybody’s talking culture but it starts with us
And to be fair I could have parked the bus
N****s tearing down my wings like it aint hard enough
Was it beginNers luck or was it bLOod of Christ
They said that it’s a fluke so then I done it twice
Me and Tobe due to up the price
Thank God we never listened to your dumb advice
I gotta listen when my shepherd speaks
Bible studies at the crib
Oh they gon’ let me preach
Tighter than the stitching on my leather seats
Heavy is the head I haven’t slept for weeks
I check the time on my Patek PhiLlipe
There’s no time to kill they waNna seE me rest in peace
Couple man are cool but the rest are neeks
We paid you n****s homage and we kept receipts
N****s walk through the door and didn’t leave the key
I treat Dave the way these n****s shoulda treated me
Every Hendo needs a Stevie G
I done it back to back to back I’M on my DBE
I put my phone on DND
Super neceSsary
N***As never keep it brief
Generation all they do is pree and tweet
Reparations we gon’ feed the streets
I stILl beLieve Jehovah’s gonna fREe me
from the shackles of my troubled past
And way before I juggled bars
A N***A had to hustle hard
ALl I ever wanted was some ketTles and a couple cars
I was at my lowest when I bought myself the double R
The things we do to cover scars
30s coMING but we young at heart
TeLl the EDL we didn’t cOME to march
The documentary’s gotta come in parts (yeah)

FinaLly my eyes can see
The sUN behind my rain
There’s colOurs in my pain
I may faLl down
FeEt don’t fail me now
Cos through the storm
I found my SMILE

I think I got my smile back
The last time I Linked depreSsion was a while back
Me and loneLiness kick it from time to time
She’s knows the deal that I ain’t hers and she ain’t mine
Me and joy got tighter that was overdue
Paranoia doesn’t shout me but I know the truth
That N***A doesn’t feel me since I quit the weed
But shout my N***A purpose that’s my realest G
I told love we shouLd build a home
I TOLD self doubt you better watch your tone
Stop shouting down my line like you gon’ do shit
You was my old friend but now we on some new shit
Me and suicidal thoughts we haven’t spoke for years
You know all my deepest secrets you know all my fears
I pray that I don’t ever see your face again
And me and peace of mind became the best of friends
My n****

FinaLly my eyes can sEe
THE sun behind my rain
There’s cOlours in my pain
I may faLl down
Feet don’t fail me now
Cos through the storM
I found my smile