some women are shy about initiating sex with their partners — Yetunde Bakare


Yetunde Bakare
Yetunde Bakare is a talented leading Yoruba Nollywood Nigerian actress and producer, who has worked on a sizable amount of projects over the last ten years.

Speaking during an interview with Sunday Scoop on Punch, she noted that some women are shy about initiating sex with their partners.

According to the delectable actress, “Waiting for one’s partner to make the (first) move is childish. Women have their moments too. There are times we (women) feel sexually aroused and if one does not make a move, one’s partner is not a witch and would not be able to guess what’s going on with one. That’s why some women have terrible mood swings. They want it (sex) but feel too shy or proud to ask for it. If one’s partner is one’s best friend, asking for sex should not be a big deal.”

Bakare also noted that she can act as an influencer for a sex enhancement product.

She added, “I think it is about time we start talking about it, because sex is one of the fundamentals of marriage.”

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