Shygirl – Playboy / Positions Lyrics

Shygirl Playboy Positions Lyrics, Shygirl Playboy Lyrics, Shygirl Positions Lyrics


Playboy, Hoi Polloi
Looking kinda boytoy, come play
Dealing with a VIP, go figure
My whole crew very down-to-fuck (Oh)
I play hard, work over
Hitting with the pussy put the boys in a coma
Every single girl here very down to fuck
Me and friend pair up often double up

Melissa, Matina, Cary-Anne and maybe Kasey
All my girls, they look kinda crazy
Looking for a playboy
Are you gonna play me?
Wanna play connect four girls in the lobby

Hotel room key
Meet you at the party
You can holler back if you wanna get naughty

Playboy, playboy, playboy
Playboy, playboy, playboy
Hey boy, hey boy, hey boy, hey
Playboy, playboy, playboy
Playboy, playboy, playboy

Wait, let me just change positions really quickly


Need to see you with your clothes off
Throw your head back, cowgirl
Baby don’t stop
Hands running all over, tear it up
Now you can relax, ’cause I’m ready for my closeup
What a pretty bitch, I thought you’d make
Do you like it when I tell you eat the cake
I don’t care if it’s real or fake
Come quick, take a sip, milkshake

I feel so sexy in this moment (Yeah)
Even in the dark, I’m glowing
Baby don’t be shy, just take it off
Off, off, okay, yeah
It’s looking like we might get naughty
If you’re to explore my body
You already know what time it is, oh

Take those panties off
Let me see what’s really good (Okay)
Switch position
Make your body understood
Give me something hard
Make the jaw drop
Make that body pop
Kama Sutra baby
Twist it, round and drop

Drop, drop, drop
Drop, drop, drop
Twist it, round and drop
Kama Sutra baby, switch positions
Make it pop, pop, pop
Pop, pop, make it pop
I so hot, yeah
Kamasutra baby
Twist me round and make me hot