Show Dem Camp – First Time Caller Skit Lyrics

Show Dem Camp First Time Caller Skit Lyrics

Yeah, hello, good evening
Good evening, welcome to Palm Wine Radio
Yes, yes, I’m, my name is Ebiye Victor
I’m and emm, I’m a first time caller on Palm Wine Radio
First time caller?
Yes, first time caller, first time caller
I love it, welcome, welcome, welcome
I’m so happy to be here, thank you for all you do, I’m really really grateful
Ah, no problem, so talk to me

Yes I’m having a good Sunday evening em but abeg oh, abeg
I just wan make you settle one matter between me and my babe, abeg
Okay, what’s the problem?
Because she dey always talk say no third party, no third par-… babe come oh,
I’ve call radio now oh, I’ve call radio, this all me
Ahn, ahn, bro, why you shouting?
Sorry ehn, sorry, erm, I just want to ask,
Is it not possible that you don’t give your girlfriend your password
Your phone password and you’re not cheating
How is that possible?, what are you hiding, what are you hiding
Phone password, ehn, it’s possible but…
Is it not possible?
It’s not possible

But, but, why are you asking…
I don tell am say I love am, I don tell am say I love am, come and ask oh
Let me see your phone, let me see your phone
Bro, stop shouting na
Yes I have my own password, she was the one that gave me I didn’t ask her oh
Oh, she gave you-
Let me see your phone, this fucking guy, you’re a cheater
Oh but, but then, what did you do?
Infact you know what, I like the way you’re sounding, you sound like my spec

It is over, please are you single?
Is this guy mad? Are you mad?
What the-
Over where
I know it sounds crazy
Are you mad?
Go with the flow
No this guy is fucking-
Go with the flow
Hello, hello, Palm Wine Radio, hello, abi na my credit