Shane Eagle – Road Signs Lyrics

Shane Eagle Road Signs Lyrics (feat. Omari Hardwick)

KDaGreat bro of mine
Shane Eagle flyin’ against time
Both of y’all been two of my road signs
(I knew I found my way)
Yeah yeah yeah

Talk to me nice or don’t talk to me at all
You niggas can’t sit with the legends at all
I gave ’em a classic, they askin’ for more
That pussy so good I might cancel the tour
Niggas actin’ spooky ’cause I pulled up in a Ghost (Ghost)
Niggas actin’ spooky ’cause I’m chillin’ with O (Ghost, Ghost)
I-I-I, I got my bag
Nikki just counted three hunnid in front of me like that shit was nothin’
I cop a new one, it’s nothin’
She say “Don’t fall in love with the money” (Money)
I say “Yeah” but I’m bluffin’
Fuck it, my daddy was lucky (Yeah)
I wake up and chase me a stack (Yeah)
Flip it and give it right back
To all of my niggas who need that shit most (Yeah)
Me I’m straight, I rock through shows
They ended up back at the coast
Where niggas can’t reach me
You niggas is needy, I hate that shit
I gotta fly, lil’ mamacita rollin’ with me
Said that what she about to go do, she’ll only be doing for Eagle
She’ll only be doing for I
I saw the lil’ look in her eyes
I know that she ridin’ for life

Let’s do it my way
And do it my way
I am the…
I am the… (Yeah yeah yeah)
I am the… (Uh)

I am the last nigga you should be sleeping on
Me and my niggas did everything we just been dreamin’ on, nigga
Cathedral, took in to church, I came here to serve
Niggas is actin’ like they the reason mama gave birth, ha
Tell me who’s who in the circus?
Eagles don’t hang in the circus (Yeah)
Eagle too fly for the circle (Yeah)
The questions I ask myself (Uh)
Is where I find my wealth? (Yeah yeah)
Loyalty is when you got my back behind my back
Niggas is quick to act
Run from stack to stack, it’s the global approach (That’s it)

Te-Tell me all your secrets and I’ll hold that to you (Hold that to you, yeah)
Tell me all your secrets, I’ll hold that to you
See the road signs (Road signs)
Yeah yeah, road signs (Them road signs)
Road signs (Tell them Eagle)
Yeah yeah, see the road signs (I seen ’em too)

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