Shane Eagle – Pillow Lyrics

Shane Eagle Pillow Lyrics


Forgive me, I was in a different zone when I wrote this song
Seen some in the hallway, they smokin’ stones
It’s like, how you expect me to crawl when I got broken bones?
Nobody got cut off, they was told “Leave the boy alone”
Still moving through the times like reptilians
I’m cold-blooded, need a warm soul
You can find me where the realest at
At seventeen the only thing I wanted was to see Rabie Ridge on the map
Now I been around the world two times back, they moving backwards
Niggas ain’t rappers, nah, they actors, yeah
They sayin’ you should pop, like how?
You should prolly fuck with me ’cause I’m hot like now

Critics sayin’:
“You should rap like this”
“You should sound like that”
“Why don’t you try that?”
Pussy nigga!
If you don’t get off my dick
And when you see me please nigga don’t be asking for pics, you ain’t a hoe
Tryna move quietly, move silently
Real G’s in this bitch like, who’s timing me?
I been a top tier catalyst, these niggas amateurs
I’m new age but came up poppin’ cannabis near Alex
So, when it’s said and done
You should put me with the Nas’, and the Pacs, and the Biggies , not the ops

I never prayed for shit just opportunity
So therefore when I go inside the world my favourite rapper told me I should join the dot, uh, yeah
I mean, I should join the dots, uh
I’m off to the top, niggas are ops
I got it on lock, the city on tilt
She softer than silk
The fiends like milk
The rap Rashads
The son of God
You fuckin’ with me, you get your head cut off nigga

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