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Several Explosive Devices Found In Washington, DC Amid Capitol Mayhem



Several Explosive Devices Found In Washington DC Amid Capitol Mayhem

Two explosive devices were found in Washington, DC, near the U.S. Capitol, according to reports, amid the complete and utter chaos that has engulfed the building amid Joe Biden‘s electoral win certification, with dozens of Trump supporters storming the building. Even one took his time to take a picture in Nancy Pelosi’s office while sitting on her chair (feet over the desk included).

One explosive was found at the Beltway headquarters of the Republican National Committee as per the New York Times.

Another “suspicious” package was also found at the Democratic National Committee headquarters. At the time of writing, the package is yet to be confirmed to be a bomb.

NBC News additionally reported that at least one other device was found on the grounds of the US Capitol.

At least one person was shot in the mayhem on Capitol Hill, a woman reportedly left in critical condition.

Several Explosive Devices Found In Washington DC Amid Capitol Mayhem1


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