Scandal – Boniswa In Hot Water After Xolile Revealed Her Secret


Boniswa has done it all and she has always gotten away with murder.

She angered many Scandal fans when she orchestrated a plan to kill Romeo.

Romeo was the darling of Scandal. What angered viewers the most is that when there was hope that Romeo would return, Boniswa finished him off in hospital.

But as an old English adage goes, every dog has its days, the end is now in sight for Boniswa.

She hatched a plan to kidnap her stepdaughter Aya. She was angered by the fact that Aya was now getting too greedy and was a threat to what she viewed as her inherited millions.

But Boniswa made one huge mistake before she orchestrated Aya’s kidnapping. She told Aya right into her face that she was behind the kidnapping.