Sarkodie – CONFETTI Lyrics

Sarkodie CONFETTI Lyrics

I probably got a lot of hates
More than Donald Trump
But I don’t give a fuck
Nyame p3 koraa onnye range ne cash no nfri mensa
Brother go walk
If you let me make I say it all like all the things wey like brother go talk
Efie no me dea
So I walk in any time I want
Why the fuck I go knock

Undisputed heavy weight
Me I never go lose
When you think you try to hate a nigga
All I see is boy no catch cruise
Ose one SARK rub shoulders gotta stay away from drug abuse
They put me next to all the kids
They wanna take a picture with me
But then I refuse

Did everything on my own
Never took a deal
Sleeping on empty stomach
You don’t know how it feel
Boys be dwane whenever shit is getting real
So, I’m study making money
Got a couple dollars wanna cop a house on the hill
Fuck it. I was only warming up
Yesterday was a bit cheaper
I’m sorry it’s not the same. Price is going up
Te Mo voice aa
I be throwing up
Makaveli Makaveli
Got my pocket looking heavy
All you niggas do me dirty
But now you gotta pop me a confetti like