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Russian pensioners will be paid 39,900 rubles in April



Russian pensioners will be paid 39900 rubles in April

Роман Игнатьев/КП

The Pension Fund told about the next indexation of pensions, which will take place on April 1. Some categories of Russian pensioners will be charged 39,900 rubles a month, according to

The spring indexation will affect social pensions, which are received by about 3.2 million people. On average, they will increase by 546 rubles and will amount to 9,500 rubles – for those who could not accumulate experience or points for the appointment of an old-age insurance pension. Recall that such pensions are assigned five years later than usual, that is, at 70 for men and at 65 for women.

At the same time, payments of certain categories of Russians will grow much more significantly. Social pensions are also received by people with disabilities since childhood and disabled children – for them the surcharge will increase by 790 and 775 rubles, respectively, and will amount to 13,710 and 13,455 rubles.

State pensions for various privileged categories of citizens – participants in the Great Patriotic War, cosmonauts, former military personnel who suffered from radiation and the like – are also expected to grow.

“The average size of pensions for citizens with disabilities due to military trauma and participants in the Great Patriotic War, receiving two pensions, after indexation will rise to 38,120 rubles and 39,900 rubles, respectively,” the institution said.

Earlier, it was proposed to provide the indexation of pensions to those who are now deprived of it – to the senior in apartment buildings. Ilya Nozechkin, deputy chairman of the Chamber of Young Legislators under the Federation Council, who made such a proposal, believes that the elders at home receive negligible remuneration, and because they are not entitled to indexation, they also receive very small pensions. As a result, the motivation to engage in socially useful work is lost.


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