Russ – Bucket Hat Low Lyrics

Russ ft. Papoose – Bucket Hat Low 
Papoose, Papoose

My verses laced with Fentanyl, be dead in a second if you ingest it pure
Heard they like yoga, that’s good ’cause I’ma stretch ’em all
Edgin’ the next contestant, my presence possess profession
Professin’ the resurrection, was lead to the effervescence
Depression compress your chest and you bettеr respect the lеgends
Get wet up, protect your melon, you fled when the lead was spreadin’
You bled through your red intestines, you dead when your head is swellin’
I slept with the weapon, the Smith & Wesson rest in my dresser drawer
He so skinny, he could do push-ups under the exit door
You could see the bones in his face, he look like Skeletor
Cold nights movin’ that snow white, no seven dwarfs
Ask Ron Artest, I keep the peace like Metta World

Heard you was a straight A student, that’s a clever score
But you gon’ get a D minus every time that we test your jaw
“Hi, I’m your demise,” I’m sorry, we never met before
If your project was the projects, I’ll throw you off the seventh floor
Deepest teacher like Queen Latifah, I’m quick to set it off
No Schwarzenegger, I am Schwarzenigger, I am the Predator
Shorty sent him a heart emoji, now he gassed up
Don’t let that heart go to your head, Drake haircut
Detectives against gangstas, we got drama
The Ds and the Gs, Dolce and Gabbana
I’m always on your mind, what’s up with you, partner?
I’m livin’ in your head rent-free, I’m a squatter

I feel like the greatest as I should though
The Bentley got massage seats, I’m riding ’round in Brookstone
Baby gave me good dome, I opened the roof, uh
We don’t duck fades, especially when we open the Goose
Smoked with Snoop and went to Neptune, life is beautiful
You made it when unusual becomes the new usual
Since I was a juvenile, I know that I’d be hot, boy
They love me out in London, dawg, I’m headed to the top, boy
Bought a lot of alt coins, I’ve been gettin’ rich though
Couple homies Blood but I invested in some crypto
Rolled and I slid blows, caught a meme, got off of the ropes
The best rapper under thirty and it’s not even close

My first single, told the world “Y’all ain’t foolin’ me”
And y’all still not, they brainwashed how you viewin’ me
Smear campaigns got me stressed, I need five blunts
Y’all got offended, but dawg, I ain’t lied once
They want me in compliance, silence their worst fear’s defiance
Independent thinkers follow me for the guidance
You never been fly once, you cannot advise Russ
I gave myself a raise, I need the billi’ like Cyrus

Broaden your horizons, faith, what you fightin’ it for?
Trust your purpose, have the courage to lose sight of the shore
I got this wrapped up, get your raps ups
As you as you act up, you gonna get Pap’ed up
Your lady get snatched up

Written by: Russell Vitale

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