Romeo Santos – Nirvana Lyrics English Translation

Romeo Santos Nirvana Lyrics English Translation

Sitting here on my balcony I see how the wind plays with the waves
As you are omnipresent, I know that in these moments you listen to me

I am grateful for another day of life
The health you give to Mommy, Daddy, my sister, my children, my nephews
To that great woman who has tolerated me for so many years
Please also protect me my friends
I consider them brothers…

And sorry if I’m asking for a lot
But give me shelter to my followers
I know that I am still indebted to you for the gift you gave me
For so many blessings

My intention is not to disrespect you
But there are things that perhaps due to my ignorance I would like to ask
Here I find myself confused, kneeling
Very vulnerable, but I don’t lose faith
Excuse me the honesty
I just express my doubts
How do you allow so much evil to be done in this world?

Wars and deaths
Us asking for mercy
Innocent children being abused
Where are you going?

A year ago you took Uncle
Relatively young, healthy
I’m still hurting
And it’s not like I’m questioning you
But you know my heart well
And that sudden departure left me confused, half enraged
A guy who wasn’t hurting anyone
Ending up like this in intensive care
Agonizing while his wife begs you for a miracle

Tell me, my God

Wars and deaths
Us asking for mercy
Innocent children being abused
Where are you going?

I don’t understand your guidelines
The one who kills is saved
And they enter your Eden
Rapists who assault, women mistreat
And you grant them the mercy

How do I understand it?
How do I take it?
How do you choose a religion?
How to believe in the Bible?
Another priest in perversion
The world keeps getting worse and it’s not Tokischa’s fault
Anuel speaks well bad, but he is not a terrorist
Damn that motherfucker from Houston, Texas at school
The innocent souls he ripped out without mercy
Parents are not relieved by condolences

And I know I’m claiming you
But I keep praying to you
I don’t see you, but I feel you
May my faith not be in vain

When I’m in doubt
I just hope that you hear me
Open up your arms and just take me into Nirvana
Into the clouds
Just for you to come tell me
That you’ve always been around
And I should’ve known by now

My son I’m noticing you very disoriented
Listen to my words
There is no one, who can understand the world I have created
Another human being giving me a quiz
And there will be no change if you don’t change your interior
Don’t let the devil inside you win

I wanted to show you a reflection, what you have become
And they crucified the one who brought the mirror
I shed my blood on a cross
And they’re still claiming me
But I still love them…
It is not convenient for them to lose faith
Nothing will be in vain

  • Written by: Floyd Nathaniel Hills (Music by), Jacely Omayra LaSanta (Music by), Romeo Santos
  • Album: Fórmula, Vol. 3
  • Released: 2022

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