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Rape Allegation: Sjava is now a free man




Rape Allegation Sjava is now a free man

Sjava has been declared a free man by the State after an ex-girlfriend, Lady Zamar opened a rape case against him.

According to Sowetan Live, the NPA spokesperson Mashudu Malabi-Dzhangi confirmed the latest update, that there was no evidence to claim that the singer raped his ex-lover.

“The state declined to prosecute the case because it believed the facts or evidence do not support a successful prosecution.”

The case has been on since 2019 after Zamar publicly revealed all the abuse she suffered in his hands for almost 2 years they dated.

However, Sjava reacted to the claims over a month ago, that the rape allegation is false.

Though, he affirmed to emotionally abusing her, as he didn’t give her the attention deserving her.

The BET award winner said that the rape allegation against him caused him to lose gigs and other amazing opportunities.

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