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Police officer who rejected N864m bribe resigns after being denied promotion multiple times



Police officer who rejected N864m bribe resigns

A chief superintendent of the Nigerian police, who said he once rejected an N864 million bribe, has reportedly resigned from the profession, over claims that he has been denied promotion more than thrice.

CSP Francis Osagie Erhabor, who headed a division of the police in Akwa Ibom State before his alleged resignation, claimed he was only promoted five times in over 30 years in active service, despite the fact that he never took a bribe.

Speaking with Igbere TV, Mr Erhabor, who recently bagged an award as the ‘Police officer of the year’ said, “I have witnessed my juniors get promoted over me over and over again, and it hurts deeply.

I filed a complaint, asked for ratification of my promotion date, and was even investigated, with the outcome verified in my favour, yet nothing has been done to remedy the situation. I have wasted 30 years serving my fatherland.

This profession I once called a noble one, doesn’t care about those of us who tread the path of honour and dignity.”

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