Pineapple StormTv – Poesia Acústica 13 Lyrics English Translation

Pineapple StormTv Poesia Acústica 13 Lyrics English Translation

Oh, faith
Cabelin ‘ on the voice
Salve Malak
Poetry, nothing passes and neither can

Same she doesn’t have, 0-1, first lady
It’s with me and keeps independent of my fame
I was stopped in the blitz, it clogged my grass’
My elite Bandit, the two of us escape the cane’
God forbid spin again, again
We’ve both passed grindstone suffocation, suffocation
We hit rock bottom and the game turned
Yeah, you want your name on my gold? So go for love
And now I’ll, I’ll make your time worth it
The time you wasted living that scene
I opened a salon for you inside my favela
Everything that is mine you can see, it’s in her responsa
And everyone is connected that she is my faith
Woe to those who commit sin, covet my wife
Only she walked with me when I was on foot
Only she climbs on XRE’s rump, and-I give her everything she wants
Looks like a model
I had 500 ml put on your chest, the black one on the side of the black
Who stayed with me in the alley, today we’re counting money
From marola in Rio de Janeiro, she and I are the ghetto couple
God forbid spin again, again
We’ve both passed grindstone suffocation, suffocation
We hit rock bottom and the game turned
Yeah, you want your name on my gold? So goes love (Oruam in the voice)

You’re so beautiful, at the ball I saw you pass
Stopping everything with this marra in the eye
He says he got tired of the playboy with marra de brabo
If I kiss you, today I give two shot ‘ pro high
To celebrate, just pretend it’s fireworks
Love Is Love, Business, Business
She told her friends she wants to be happy.
I took rolezin ‘ from PCX there at CPX
Just smoking hard, ahn-ahn
Look at that neckline, ahn-ahn
Just want to give pros creates ‘(just want to give pros creates’)
Who makes poetry, who makes poetry
Can choose your gift
To make up for my time away
Spend at Gucci, Farm and Fendi
Today you can buy everything you want, that you want

Oh, I’ll speak slowly to see if you understand me
Here we play and have fun, this life is a breath
I think it’s a long time we have each other forever
But if you want it to sprout later, it’s worth seeing again
She throws her hair, look at me, send passin’, she’s a hill cub
I’m with your smell on me; she above, help
Guy who is not worth it, it’s worth that I have a lot
Abused, said today she wants free show
Listening to “the face of Crime” (Crime), hair on the ruler (on the ruler)
Time shirt (Oh-oh), of course she loses (Oh)
Movie Life, we have and do not deny
Plant Me firm, that’s what she asks
Not afraid of anything, aim and shoot, like, she can’t control herself
Spoke of my marra, she ties (Oh), I’m waiting for you outside (Aham)
Like the danger, I identify and I’m connected where you live
Man’s heart is like Nike, if it’s not in the chest, it’s in the sole
Ela de Saint Laurent, Paris Fashion Show, Fashion Week
Now I have several fan, repressed, it bothers you (Aham)
Taliban cut aligned and my pocket crowded
A kiss to all who did not believe

(Chefin) but I swear, I’m trying to walk away
I see that in this I will hurt myself
Not even money, I swear, can buy us
The happiness I want to conquer
Depriving myself of everything, hiding from the world
Playing me deaf, you just wanted to use me
And now I buy everything, Tramp heart
I aimed at my future, I won’t stop anymore
Talk to my face again, Can you stop with these jokes’
Met so young and breed and now you remember the back’
Look at These’ Crowded ‘ House, show your bitch, naughty
Moans my vulgo and does not stop: “Chefin, you fuck well”
And it is from afar that she comes
Crazy to stop my train
And this mine tastes good
My mind goes beyond, it takes me hostage

But what irony, full century of bitching
Vividona thug falling in love with cock
For me to sprout, you call me, ask even my friend
Our throw is different, feel the cold in the belly
And who knew? Breaking in the middle the Bandit
You swore you wouldn’t catch on and now I’m your favorite
Calls me to life, sees me and the horny screams
I’ll even moan lower so as not to wake the neighbors
And I focadona-owner, trained going on the run against
Your smell tames me, takes, 212 breaks, already said, Love, zero pressure
The woman of the year sees you from afar, if you want, become my husband
I won’t flinch, it’s not my instinct, hurting you will never be my intention
BK ‘plans’ beck to toast
I promised the world, that’s all I want to give
I’ll confess, it’s so good to surrender
If it stops, it complicates, then leave it as it is
Ah, ah
If it stops, it complicates, then leave it as it is
Ah, ah
If it stops, complicates, then leaves

How are you changed
Play in the face, call anything
I leave strong the Queen of broken
She’s addicted to me, I tie myself in your seat
Rico well novin’, old fashioned romantic
It sucks to be someone who leads life as I lead life
Whenever you want to come back, all your heart, Bandit
‘You understand me there, you are always welcome and still
Watching you sleep, my most beautiful smile
You have a reason, God cares about me
Love to be welcome, when you’re leaving
It’s the part that hurts, I take that love with you
For Realengo, love, I take the Shaman with you
Beer in Styrofoam, Sunday barbecue
But Bangu’s millstone heat, BH, always welcome
Paulin ‘ who summoned me, closed, beautiful work

I just want to know why you’re fighting
Calling the attention of the children ‘ who passed from there looking at me, love
I’m a fucking woman, I don’t accept that
Talk down to me so as not to lose respect
You want media, you want stage, soap opera actress
This memo, jewelry made, braba da favela
So I’m going out with your friends ‘and her friends’
Your friend’ I already got it, your friend ‘ catches me
Oh, I love you, you crazy, I put up with you when you freak out
Yeah, I’m with you in the sun and in the rain, I catch you on the bend
Stop screaming in the street, yeah, the car’s coming
She scratches me, curses me, sucks me
I love you, your daughter-
She says, ” Take The Shaman with you, take the Shaman with you.”
She prefers the bad guy who is her husband’s stunt double
It was melô from the Camelô do Méier to Olympus
In the van I was a collector, line 875
Took me for nothing, gave me two plugs in the chest
Called sister-in-law, said I have no more way
If it was the BBB, it would take a million and a half
Barraqueira, pagodeira do Rio de Janeiro
Sorry if I’m crazy, so crazy
Let me be crazy in love
I know life is a breath, I’m all yours
We are like The Thorn and the flower
Hello, it’s me again and again
Forgive me if I’m so dreamy
In Sugar Loaf, I date you
And return until the sun goes down

Your love is with me, it’s well guarded
I never forget you because it’s so complicated
That I am poem and problem for your life, your mess
Are you a saint or my favorite evil?
And devagarin’, – vagarin’
That a good girl also knows how to do so, devagarin’
The good girl is bad
You know I don’t lie to anyone, no
But the heart is weak for you and me
I didn’t want to give morals to a bad guy
Worth seeing again, now rala
Messed up, left
Puppy is in the glue
If you miss me now
Stay calm that gets worse
Dictated if I dominate, romance of the fine, I did this here just thinking of us
I don’t know if it’s fate, but I still remember that what we had was quite different
Baby, I don’t even know if I’m better alone
Lie, my lie, in Your that I’m in my
I don’t even want your company, kiss me in the sun, pool
Lie, my lie
My lie, yeah, ah-yeah

  • Written by: MC Cabelinho, TZ da Coronel, Oruam, L7NNON, Chefin, N.I.N.A (Brasil), Chris MC, Xamã & Luísa Sonza
  • Album: PROOF
  • Released: 2022

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