Outrage as 61-year-old man marries his Goddaughter who recently turned 18 (photos)


Outrage as 61 year old man marries his Goddaughter who recently turned 18 photos
A man named Michael Haugabook is trending after he married his Goddaughter, Deja, shortly after she turned 18.

Michael, a father with multiple children, was a part of Deja’s life right from when she was born and is seen in one photo carrying her when she was a toddler.

Michael also dated Deja’s mother, Davina Evans.

When Deja went missing in 2017, he’s also seen begging people on Facebook to help find her.616fe106e6d12 616fdf0ddfade 616fdf21b4dc1 616fe129bf69a 616fe473b442b


The age difference caused outrage and also the fact that he’s her Godfather. Most people thought he was 55 and they asked why a man that old will marry an 18-year-old.

However, a document from when Michael was arrested in 2014 shows he was 54 at the time, meaning he’s 61 now.


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