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Orville Peck – Bronco Lyrics, Tracklist

Orville Peck Bronco Album Lyrics Tracklist

Bronco is the second studio album by Canadian country music artist, Orville Peck, released via Sub Pop and Columbia Records.

After releasing his Sub Pop debut, Pony, in 2019, the mysterious masked troubadour Orville Peck made the unprecedented leap from DIY darling to Shania Twain’s duet partner in just over a year.

With Bronco, the Apple Music Up Next star loads up on premium rocket fuel to continue his unstoppable ascent. Peck’s first major-label full-length for Columbia/Sony is delivered in three chapters; 1 and 2 are available to stream now.

It boasts a more expansive 15-track scope and widescreen production but does nothing to upset his signature qualities: his commanding matinee-idol croon; his uncanny balance of heartache, humour, and homoeroticism; and his innate gift for twangy, tear-in-yer-beer serenades that feel like they’ve been lodged in a golden-oldies station rotation for decades.

Whether it’s serving up swooning desert-sky anthems like Outta Time or honky-punk dust-ups like Any Turn, Bronco finds country music’s most enigmatic rhinestone cowboy shining all the brighter.

Orville Peck Bronco Album Lyrics, Tracklist;

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