OG Buda – Dirty Lyrics English Translation

OG Buda Dirty Lyrics English Translation, OG Buda Грязный

Phew, ay

E, woke up, immediately gave two bongs, and I’m sleepy again (Whew)
Six point three lam, and it’s only in Moscow solo (Cash)
If you are my opp, then I advise you to wear armor (Bang)
The past didn’t have it, the knife easily penetrated it (Easy)
E, I cough as if I have bronchitis (Kh-kh-kh)
Small flew into the top charts – my bro hit (Gang)
Small shot at the fucker — my bro heat (Pau-pau)
Yes, I’m a fucking G.O.A.T, I have goat cheese— (Bae)
Pa-pa – now Glock is dirty
Murder in the neighborhood, — now the block is dirty (Dang)
My brother scammed, now the laptop is dirty (Dang)
In my glass… A-ay (Wait)

Your-Your-show—off is to fuck a chick that everyone fucked
My show—off is to fuck a chick who was fucked once
Ah, bro, these are our differences
Her vagina was fucking great, I didn’t get out of there (Uh-uh)
My bro overdosed, I poured boiling water over his legs
I will be rich forever, because I have a lot of altcoins
Someone had against it, and they are already dead in the morgue (Pow-pow)
You’re hating me now, and before there were fans like
Fuck, not so
You kind of used to hate, and now the fans
Fuck, I’m not what I wanted to say (Ah)
But I don’t give a fuck at all

Finished this shit, now I’ll start another (Shit)
Rocked this building, now we’ll swing another one (Y-o)
I have trap-knowledge, your shit is different
Bitch like in Xanny, her underwear is different (Oh)
Yo, at night I fucked a Georgian (Fucked)
Snya-Removed a green rubber band (Money) from the stack of nickels
In the morning I fucked Anuki, and in the evening Marinka
My tongue is sharp, as if I was shoving it into a sharpener
Uh, we’re the oldest here, like Ozzy Osbourne
But it’s like freshman, but we are vetoed, but not veterinarians
But we love software, but we also need love
And we fuck those cats when their guys are looking for them at night (E), u

Boris Redwall is with me, and this is the best DJ (Gang-gang)
I’ve fucked the mammoth six times, fuck, I’m like TeeJay (Let’s go)
Born Black, Die White — MJ (Nigga)

I bought my grandmother pills at the pharmacy, I’m not a fucker anymore (Not)
Bro dropped the type, although bro just gave him a click (Pau)
I know perfectly well what month harvest is in
I have dirt behind my teeth, and I’m not talking about caries

Choking on dirt, I have toxicosis (E)
My bro stood on the block for too long, he has varicose veins (haha)
Mo-Mo, my boys like- (Melon, fuck, ai)
My goat boys fucked bit like goats

E (FREERIO 2, bitch)
I remember the fucking street I grew up on

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