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NYC man Claims He Stormed US Capitol Over “Stolen” Elections



NYC man Claims He Stormed US Capitol Over Stolen Elections

A Brooklyn man in the chaotic and wild mob who stormed the US Capitol told The New York Post he did it because the “elections were stolen”.

Sporting a weird-looking fur costume while holding a police riot shield he claims he “found,” the man known only as Aaron cited theories about voter fraud as a reason for disrupting the certification of the 2020 presidential election.

“We were cheated. I don’t think 75 million people voted for Trump — I think it was close to 85 million,” the protester, who gave the name Aaron, told The Post while standing inside the Capitol building. “I think certain states that have been red for a long time turned blue and were stolen, like New York.”

He added, “[I did it] to express my opinion as a free American that this election was stolen.”

The man continued with claims about Congress members should not be frightened.

“[They] shouldn’t be afraid; they should get the courage to do their duty to examine the fraud and maybe delay the election,” said the protester, who was also wearing a bullet-proof police vest.

He added, “We [shouldn’t] rewrite the law because of COVID-19. It’s not ‘Give me liberty or give me death’ — but COVID.”

As for the riot shield, “Aaron” claims he simply “found it on the floor.”

His comments followed a showdown — with police guns drawn — between cops and protesters outside the building Wednesday, according to pool reporters.

At least one person was shot inside the building, according to multiple reports.

For weeks, President Trump has spouted claims that the election was “stolen” without proof.NYC man Claims He Stormed US Capitol Over Stolen Elections1 NYC man Claims He Stormed US Capitol Over Stolen Elections2

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