Nurse allegedly robbed and stabbed on bus by one-chance operators in Lagos


Nurse allegedly robbed and stabbed on bus by one chance operators in Lagos
A man has narrated how a nurse was allegedly stabbed by one-chance operators and he alleges that she cried out to the police for help during the attack but they did nothing.


He explained that the nurse boarded one of those commercial mini buses from Lekki to the mainland. However, while passing Ikoyi, she realized her fellow passengers were robbers as they brought out knives and threatened to stab her if she doesn’t hand over her belongings.


As they passed a police checkpoint along Dolphin Estate road, she is said to have screamed for help but the police allegedly did nothing.


After she was robbed, stabbed, and tossed out of the bus, she went to the nearest police station to report the robbery. According to her, the police officers at the first station said they had closed. She also claimed that she went to another police station but was being questioned on why she would be using two phones.


Read the man’s narration of his friend’s ordeal below. 60cae4a3f2db860cae4ca4ccc0

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