Northern, Southern governors have turned Nigeria to Turn-by-Turn Plc: Ex-TUC President


Northern Southern governors have turned Nigeria to Turn by Turn Plc
Northern and Southern governors are self-serving politicians who have turned Nigeria into a commercial venture, Turn-by-Turn Plc, says a former president of the Trade Union Congress, Peter Esele.

“These governors have not met in the South to say this is a roadmap to security that we should adopt and implement for the safety of our region, same with governors from the North,” said Mr Esele. “What they are always quarrelling about is, it is my turn, it is your turn. They have turned Nigeria to a Turn-by-Turn Plc.”

The ex-TUC leader disclosed this in an interview with NAN while speaking on the recent agitations by state governors and other politicians over the zoning of the country’s presidency.

Mr Esele mentioned that the actions and concerns of the governors should be more on what would strengthen and bring development to the country, taking into consideration recent happenings.

“Not it is my ethnic group that will produce the next president. I am a card-carrying member of the APC, and I know this is not how politics is played,” he noted. “This is how you kill a country because what you have now is governors from the North and South indirectly by commission or omission dividing this country into republic of Northern and Southern Nigeria.”

The former TUC president further explained that the disagreement among the governors should be on service delivery to the people who elected them.

“What we have now is which party will bring president from which region, and that is the most backward way to think,” he stated. “Underneath, this battle is not for the common man, but for certain cabal in both regions battling for how to get access into the nation’s commonwealth. What we want is a president for Nigeria, not a president for Northern Nigeria or Southern Nigeria.”

He urged the 36 governors to concentrate more on the best Nigerian qualified to contest and emerge as the president of the country rather than the zone or region that the candidate should come from.