Nigeria’s condition has to be worse before getting better – Charly Boy

Charly Boy

Charles Oputa, Nigerian singer and activist better known as Charly Boy, says the situation of things in Nigeria has to be worse before getting better.

The 71-year-old musician was speaking about protests by the youth and Nigeria’s sociopolitical dilemma in a chat with SilverbirdTV.

“I don’t have any fear for the future of this country because I know that the salvation of this country lies in the hands of its exceptional youth. That’s why I play that father role to young people,” he said.

“I’ve apologised because even the people of my generation are responsible for this rot. How do you explain that our young ones start to blossom and spread their wings when they leave the shores of the country?

“They do well in foreign lands that in their own. I do have faith. It’s going to take time because of our inactions in the past. It has to get worse before it gets better. You haven’t seen anything. The enemies we fight are demonic.

“Something has to give [way] because this contraption that we call our country is sitting on a wrong foundation. You can’t keep talking about putting buildings on it. The constitution you have needs to be looked into.

“Why have I survived 45 years of marriage to the same woman? It’s because, anytime we have a problem, we come to the table and talk. Unless we have this conversation in an intelligent manner, I’m afraid nothing is going to give.”

In 2020, Charly Boy had stated that his experience during the Biafran war shook his faith in the country’s unity.

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