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Nigerian Lady uses N28K Remy Martin VSOP to brusheher teeth



N28K Remy Martin VSOP

One Anastasia Michael said her New Year resolution is to create her own unique style and that includes never brush her teeth with water.

She stated this on Saturday, January 2, when she posted photos of herself claiming to have brushed her teeth with a whole bottle of Remy Martin VSOP which costs about N28K.

“My new year new resolution! brushing my teeth with a whole bottle of Remi_Martin v.s.o.p, Big girls brushing…This year,I won’t do what everyone is doing, am creating my style and that is Never gonna brush with water. The easiest way to become Rich is just to act Rich… 2021 am tripling my hustle, we move” she wrote.

N28K Remy Martin VSOP1 N28K Remy Martin VSOP2 N28K Remy Martin VSOP3 N28K Remy Martin VSOP4 with a bottle of n28k remy martin vsop


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