Nigerian Flag: Ambience of celebration


It’s that day of the year when your ambience should radiate an aura of independence celebration with touches of green and white colours here and there!

Nigeria is 62 years old today, having been proclaimed an independent nation on October 1, 1960, by the British colonial government. It is a day to celebrate the freedom to live in accordance with Nigerian culture, beliefs, lifestyle and so on.

In commemoration of this significant day in history, you may want to decorate your space to suit the occasion.

There is absolutely no need to spend excessively on this decoration, as it does not require you to do an overall display of colours in your space. Just look into your storeroom and pick up that green and white throw pillows, Nigerian flag, artificial flowers, area rug, artwork and so on from the previous year and put them up. But clean them before use.

However, if you feel all that would require too much or you don’t have any of them, then pay attention to your dining area, as food is inevitable. Simply get creative by putting up a set of the green tablecloth on your dining table, set up your white dishes at the centre of each tablecloth, place your glass cups towards the top edge, set your cutleries by the sides and get a white or green artificial flower at the centre of the table, serve the meal and enjoy the day with your family.

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