Nigeria can learn a lot from us: China


Nigeria can learn a lot from us China

The Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Cui Jianchun, says Nigeria can learn a lot from China through close collaboration between the two countries.

“I do believe that we can work together and build a developed society. I do believe that we have great potential through the two nations working together. I believe that we can work together to get results not only in the area of politics but all other spheres,” stated the ambassador.

Mr Jianchun said this on Thursday in his keynote address at the presentation of a book titled ‘A century of the Communist Party of China: Why Africa should engage in experience’, authored by Charles Onunaiju.

The book presentation was organised by the Centre for China Studies (CCS) with the cooperation of the Embassy of China.

“We believe that China’s advancement, strategy, and experience will help build a strong relationship and better (lives of) the people of both countries,” added the Chinese envoy. “The first inter-government meeting between China and Nigeria was established on mutual ground, and we are working towards effective implementation of the Nigeria-China GDP strategies.”

He mentioned that “the strategies are to grow our relationship in the coming 50 years” and that 2021 “marks another anniversary of the two countries, and we are celebrating this important year.”

He acknowledged the mutually beneficial relationship between both countries, noting that “we are not only celebrating what we have but planning towards implementation of economic strategies for the next 50 years.”

Mr Jianchun further explained that 2021 marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of CPC, which started with 58 members and is currently pegged at over a 95 million membership.

He attributed the success of the party to love, the liberation of people, learning, leadership, listening, and close relationship with China citizens.

Speaking at the event, former Senator Shehu Sani observed that most African countries had learned a lot from the success recorded by CPC.

“Socialism or communism has shaped our political thinking and also influenced our political parties. The CPC has made a tremendous impact on the history of the people of Africa,” said Mr Sani. “Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Angola nationalists have been supported and trained by the CPC to lead the struggle to liberate their country.”

He added, “South Africans will always appreciate how China under CPC identified with their struggles in South Africa against apartheid and neocolonialists in the 60s and 70s.”


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