Nasty C – Dear Oliver Lyrics

Nasty C Dear Oliver Lyrics

Dear Oliver
It’s your dad speaking
I’m out in Cape Town
Making Magic
In this hat reaching
For a rabbit or maybe a parakeet
You gave me drive like I tossed you a pair of keys
I thought before I had you I would’ve asked your mama to marry e
But here I am with this ringless finger and no dirt on my knee
A month away til you breathe the air that I breathe
It’s 5 Am in this booth and I will not leave until I
Til I finish this letter and rap it to Ebenez
Let him record it and ensure it sounds heavenly
I’ve been working on things so you could meet the better me
I put my hand on your mother’s tummy and fall asleep
I just hope you kick your way into your father’s dreams
I got the rompers waiting for you
You just wait and see
Split it how you want with your momma
Yall get all of me
Yeah, I’ve never been so fuckin nervous in my whole life
I flew back home to tell my dad I made a whole life
Got some advice and took some time to get my dome right
I paid your granny the traditional way
Zulu man so it only became official that day
When I get to hold you
I’ll come back to this mike and tell you some more