Nardo Wick – Who Want Smoke Lyrics 

Who is Nardo Wick?
Who is Nardo Wick?

Nardo Wick Who Want Smoke Lyrics, Who Want Smoke Lyrics by Nardo Wick, Who Want Smoke Lyrics 

I’m wakin’ up
I’m wakin’ up
I’m wakin’ up (Emkay)
I’m wakin’ up
Who want smoke with me?
Who want smoke with me?
Who want smoke with me?
N****, who want smoke with me
Who want smoke with me?
Who want smoke with me?
Who want smoke with me?
N****, who want smoke with me?
Who want smoke with me?
I’m tryna fuck a n**** lungs up
They be like,
“Nardo, put them damn guns up”
Fuck that, say, “Big brother,
bring them guns out”
When it’s smoke,
we get to 5pinnin’
while the sun out
I ain’t never lackin’,
I pump gas with my gun out
Scream out, “What’s happenin’?”
Then get to bussin’
’til it run out
All these n***** hidin’,
I’m like where they at?
It ain’t no fun now
7.625 big as hell’ll knock
a n**** lungs out
One, two, three, four
(Kick your door,
get on the floor)
Five, six, seven, eight
(Don’t make no noise,
I’ll eat your face)
Nine, ten, eleven,
we ain’t gon’ say that number,
we don’t fuck with jakes
I’ma kill fourteen n*****
if thirteen bitch n***** play
I think my Draco might be gay
(Why?), ’cause he blow n*****
I just got a brand new Lolli,
that’s a four nickel
Call me Nardo, yes, man,
I don’t know n*****
You can send your best man,
you gon’ lose your best hitta
What the fuck is that?
What the fuck is that?
That’s how I step on n*****
(How I step on these bitch
ass n*****, yeah, man, what?)
They be on my page like,
“Slide for Von,”
I know they trollin’ me (Cap)
Outside with
your big homie be on,
I keep them folks with me (Bop)
Got it back in blood,
y’all just don’t know,
that’s how it ‘posed to be (Shh)
Call him for a feature
just to kill him
’cause we know he sweet
(Grrah, grrah)
Uh, uh-uh-uh-uh,
who the fuck is that?
(Yeah, yeah)
Bro gon’ check the door,
look out the window,
don’t forget the strap
(Let’s get it)
I be on they ass,
when I see opps,
I do forget I rap (I do)
I be on this shit
wherever I’m at,
I learned that from the ‘Raq
He gon’ drink whatever a n****
sell him just to say he high
They be like, “He wasn’t even
with that shit,”
whenever a n**** die (He gone)
Emergency room gon’ always lie
to y’all whenever a n**** die
Sayin’ a n**** stable
as they check,
just to keep y’all quiet
(Let’s get it)
Bronem, stomp his ass,
better do what Nardo said
’cause n***** die
for pumpin’ gas (Boom)
Why you act like that shit
so exclusive? Bitch,
that’s public ass (Public ass)
Can’t no n**** that
we don’t fuck with come around,
we stomp his ass
Nardo, Voice,
creep up out the cut,
we like, shh, shh
Nardo, Voice,
catch him before he run,
that gun go shh, shh (Grrah)
Ayy, who you killed?
Steady talking like you
did a drill (Gang)
We gon’ kill you sober,
who done told you
that I need a pill?
Real deal stepper,
put my toe on that boy (21)
You Mickey Mouse, bitch,
you went and told on that boy
All my guns come with a switch
’cause I’m fuckin’ rich
I don’t type no tweets or
throw no fists,
get shot in your shit (On God)
Old n**** steady tryna diss,
fuck up off my dick (21)
Caught him leaving bingo
with his bitch,
and we sent a blitz
Nardo tryna fight me
’bout the stick,
it’s his turn to blick
I can’t even roll my opps
in shit, pussy don’t exist
(On God)
One, two, three, four,
n***** mad I fucked they ho
Five, six, seven, eight,
pussies that got hit with this K
Nine, ten, eleven, fuck twelve,
ain’t got L’s, we on the chase
Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen,
hollows tips they hit his face
What the fuck is that?
(The fuck?)
What the fuck is that? (21)
Hit that lil’ bitch
from the back
(Fah, fah, fah, fah, fah)
Pest control,
who called ’bout rats? (Pussy)
Who want smoke with us?
Who want smoke with us?
Who want smoke with us?
(Who want smoke with me?)
Who want smoke with us?
(Who want smoke?)
Who want smoke with us?
(Fuck n****)
Who want smoke with us, n****?
(Brr, ayy)
I be with real killers,
I’m a rappin’ street n****
(Street n****)
Copy, paste, delete n***** (Ayy)
Can’t wait ’til we see n*****
Who want smoke? It’s free
(Smoke, it’s free)
All the oppers sweet, Swishers
Hop out middle of the street,
hit him (Hit him)
Soon as he fall off his feet,
kill him
Been out all week,
seen three R.I.P. pictures
My shooters all eat (All of ’em)
You can tell that we richer
Pull up ballin’, swish,
been on all the hits
(All the hits)
Now I’m all legit (All legit),
shout-out Nardo Wick, bitch
(That’s lil’ bro)
One, two, three, four,
fuck the opps, them n***** hoes
Five, six, seven, eight,
slam the rakes, we GDK
Nine, ten, eleven, twelve,
no mask, still ain’t go to jail
Hunnid K checks in the mail,
put that away just for bail
All the crack we used to sell,
auntie house still got the smell
Fans be negative as hell,
fuck that shit, I just prevail
AR hold a hunnid shells
Aim that bitch, shoot everywhere
No Limit, I never care
Spin they block,
they never there (Pussy)
What the fuck is that?
(What the fuck is that?)
What the fuck is that?
(What the fuck is that?)
Cost a fuckin’ check
Bow, touch my fuckin’ neck

Written by: Horace Walls/She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph/Mark Läpple Onokey/Durk Banks/Dominique’ Jones/Carlos Pfersdorf