My pointed nose, boobs, my selling point –Titi Adeoye, actress

My pointed nose boobs my selling point –Titi Adeoye actress

Titi Adeoye, acting is her second nature. She can play any role spontaneously having been acting in school and church before going professional.

In this interview, she narrated her journey into the movie industry, her heartbreak experience, and her greatest fear. Enjoy it.

Tell us about yourself and how you came into acting?

I am Titilayomi Adeoye. I hail from the city of Ibadan. I studied Mass Communication at the Polytechnic, Ibadan and after my Industrial Training at Ogun State Television (OGTV); I proceeded for my HND also in Mass Communication. For me, acting is a natural talent from God, it is my second nature and I can play any role spontaneously having been acting in school and church before going professional. I joined Mr. Latin Theater Group in 2007. Mr. Latin gave me the opportunity to act as an agent in the movie titled, Baba Eleran in London. It was a big deal for me at that time.

How many movies have you featured in till date?

Sincerely, I have lost count.

What’s your greatest challenge in the movie industry?

For me, the only challenge is lack of opportunities to prove my abilities. But as I persevered and turned up at locations on time, each role assigned to me was done perfectly; confidence in me built up and that is how I get other opportunities to showcase my God-given talent.

Have you produced any movie of your own?

Yes. I have produced over 10 home movies both in English and Yoruba. I am the producer of Pero, Scuffle, So Far So Close, Okanran, Tewe Tegbo, Eje, Ahon Mi, Omo Mala, Mojere, Ojo Ife Bere and many more.

What part of your body do you consider your selling point?

My pointed nose and boobs.


It’s because I get compliments a lot about them from people.

What has fame stolen from you?

I am still myself. I promised myself not to let anything take who I am away from me.

What’s new about Titilayomi?

Coming out of my shell gradually to do something different.

Aside acting, what else do you do for a living?

Aside acting, I’m also a realtor. I sell properties….

Are you in any relationship at the moment?

I would rather not say anything about that. I want to keep my private life private.

What’s your greatest fear in life? My greatest fear is failure. So many people look up to me that I can’t afford to let them down.

Do you believe in scandal for fame?

No. I guide against scandal in all parts. I don’t need to be involved in scandal before I become popular. I love to keep my nose clean always.

What’s the highest thing you’ve ever done for your man?

I got him a job, fed him and even clothed him, but the relationship didn’t work out. I’m glad I didn’t ignore the signs.

What is your turn-off in a man?

Lies and deceits. I can’t stand a man who lies.

Can you have sex on a first date?

No! Sex is a bond. I need to be connected to you before I can have sex with you.

Can you recount the happiest day of your life?

Anytime I witness the breaking of a new day is my happiest. I don›t joke with that great opportunity at all.


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