Former UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock seen packing out of his marital home after video of him kissing his aide went viral

matt hancock


Former UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock has been pictured packing his belongings and moving out of his family home after his affair with his aide was exposed.


Matt, who resigned in June after CCTV footage of him kissing his aide was released by The Sun, was seen collecting bags and boxes containing his personal belongings.

Hancock was caught cuddling and kissing his aide Coladangelo in his office at the Department of Health on May 6 – prompting his resignation and the end of his 15-year marriage.

UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock resigns after he was caught locking lips with an aide (Photos)

Hancock and Coladangelo, who have three children with her husband Oliver Tress, both left their spouses after their illicit liaison was uncovered.


On Thursday, July 29, Hancock, who was not wearing his wedding ring, was pictured collecting his belongings from his marital home in London.Screenshot 2021 08 02 082835

Witnesses say his wife Martha was handing him the belongings during the visit to their home, The Sun reports.