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Many people deceptive are on social media – Venita Akpofure



Many people deceptive rae on social media Venita Akpofure

The reality show star and actress, Venita Akpofure has shared her thoughts on what she calls the deceptive side of social media.

The actress in tweets she shared, alleged that there are many people being deceptive about what they own or don’t own on social media.

Venita who noted that age can’t also be trusted added that she is proud of herself and the age God gave her.

She tweeted;

Social media is very deceiving… got ppl lying in layers like a wedding cake. Avoid me o. If u want to lie to the public in peace don’t add me inside. You will actually regret it

Too many ppl being deceptive about what they own or don’t own. Even age self can’t be trusted again. I turned 34 a few days ago. There are ppl that are 35 every year since I was 25, I’m this same Nigeria

I’m sure one idiot will come n start claiming sub. Biko rest. I don’t know u in advance and my chest is full enough for me to own what I say. I don’t need you to Force it in any direction. Thank you

Those ones are sweet 16 forever. When people confront me about why I don’t hide my age, my response is easy. I’m actually PROUD of myself at the age God gave me. I don’t even look my age. I have much to be thankful for

Others forgot their peers are still alive n well in this world with school pictures of themself as proof

You know that feeling when you wake up to pick up your GSM and just be seeing lie after lie…first, it’s cute, then funny but some lies have full 360 HD lace melted and e go shocked you. You must fold arms as your mother does

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