Man wrestles fake policemen (video)

Man wrestles fake policemen who insisted on driving

A man has been seen in a video shared online, wrestling kidnappers who pretended to be policemen and insisted on driving his car to their station after going through his car’s documents and boot.

Ubi Franklin revealed that the victim is a friend’s nephew. The victim was said to have sensed something off about the men after they shouted him down and insisted on being the ones to drive him to their station after a search around 11pm on Friday October 8 in Lekki area of Lagos state.

While some of the men entered the car, they signaled others who were in a black car to drive behind them.

After the victim’s survival instinct kicked in and pushed him into grabbing the steering and bashing an oncoming vehicle to make his stop, those in the car fled except one of them who was driving. The black car following them also sped off.

The man who the victim wrestled, was then dragged to the police station where he told his story.616550d7eab4f 6165513b283d2 616551577acf6 616551704f32e 61655188b806f