Man arrested for scamming ‘35 girlfriends’ for £665 birthday gifts

Man arrested for scamming ‘35 girlfriends for 665 birthday gifts

A Japanese fraudster, Takashi Miyagawa, has been apprehended for allegedly fleecing over 35 different ladies of birthday presents worth £665.

On each fauxmantic outing, Miyagawa who has been described as a serial dater pretended to be in a serious relationship with the ladies in what many has described as a romance scam.

Daily Mail reported that the 39-year-old part-time worker with no fixed address in Kansai told each of the “girlfriends” that his birthday fell on a different date so he could receive tonnes of gifts.

He reportedly met the single women while marketing hydrogen showerheads and other products for an unnamed company, and began each relationship under the assumption that marriage was in the cards.