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Malaysian Anti-Corruption agency seizes cash, luxury cars, yacht, helicopters from head of a cartel that monopolized govt tenders



Malaysian Anti Corruption agency seizes cash luxury cars yacht helicopters from head of a cartel that monopolized govt tenders

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has seized RM3.5 million cash, luxury vehicles, yacht, helicopters from a suspect who headed a “project tender cartel”

The cartel said to be in operation since 2014, has been monopolising government tenders. It’s believed that the syndicate used more than 150 companies to submit tenders or quotations to ministries and agencies.

A source added that also seized was RM29 million worth of properties, such as bungalows, shophouses and offices.

“A total 644 accounts, belonging to individuals and companies, worth about RM100 million, were also frozen. The wealth amassed by the ‘Datuk’, who is the head of the syndicate, is extraordinary,” the source said.

The suspects were said to have monopolised a total 354 tenders from several ministries and government agencies nationwide, involving projects worth a total RM3.8 billion.

The head of the syndicate created 150 different companies by employing several individuals as directors of companies which in fact belonged to the former.

The syndicate targets facility maintenance and development projects.

Investigations revealed all the companies had provided false information in terms of academic qualifications, professional certifications and financial statements to convince the tender board on their capabilities in implementing the projects.606edffd447d9 606ee03ac1e5d 606ee06088a1b 606ee39d02914 606ee0eb60152 606ee10a74d32 606ee14d857c0 606ee131cb2e2


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