MMA fighter Lucas Gabriel Peres is dead

MMA fighter Lucas Gabriel Peres is dead

A Brazilian MMA fighter has tragically passed away at the age of 22 following a fight earlier this month.

Lucas Gabriel Peres, an amateur fighter from the Midwestern city of Peabiru, fought in a K-1 competition in Maringa on September 11, and was hospitalised following his bout.

After his match-up, Peres complained of headaches and after arriving home with family, he was taken to a hospital in Campo Mourão.

While at the hospital, his condition reportedly deteriorated to the point where he was sent to the Metropolitan Hospital of Sarandi, where he was pronounced dead on Saturday, September 18.

The organisers of the event have not commented on Peres’ passing but are reportedly in contact with his family.

A report investigating further into the causes of his death is being prepared by the local medical authorities.

Serious concerns have been raised by medical experts over the safety of fighters competing in MMA.

In 2016, former World Rugby medical advisor Dr. Barry O’Driscoll, a relative of Irish legend Brian, called for greater care over head injuries in the sport.

He stated: “We all know over the last few years the worries that come about because of head injuries and the worries that have come about with mild head injuries and mild concussion.

“And yet, here we are watching people left incapable after being hit around the head. What sort of a world are we living in?”

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