Lil Poppa – STAY LOYAL Lyrics

Lil Poppa STAY LOYAL Lyrics, STAY LOYAL Lyrics Lil Poppa

I been outside my main focus survive
Just trying to stay alive
Aye who that peeping in my window I see em from the inside
They say in due time it’s your time
So what time it is it’s been time
Don’t ask about em if you don’t see em round ain’t a n**** that I miss
That lil money ok I don’t need that now I spent that on my bitch

I told em loyalty don’t mean shit nomo be the lilo to my stitch
I ain’t have no hero I was at zero wasn’t looking for a n**** to give me shit
And n***** still dying like and I can’t trust her this bitch a
Don’t give a fuck I’m taking a risk whatever it takes to get rich
That shit was make believe how they make y’all believe that they was real
Now this shit taking me them demons chasing me that’s how it feel

I done spent at least a quarter Brodie call he need a lawyer
However I can I’ll be there for em
No questions asked cause that’s my brother
Time stop for no man hope I can live forever for ya
Run down on the devil make em get his self together
Bitch I been chillin stacking cheddar know shit get rowdy I’m with some rebels tho
Tryna work on me I’m getting better had to show some n***** they ain’t on my level though
Got kicked out of school went back ain’t finish but I’m still clever tho

Class mates say boy you don’t never go cause I been going through shit you’ll never know
Don’t let the pain show you’ll never know what it took N****
So many different chapters like a book can’t be around any rappers
I ain’t just a rapper my n***** still move like crooks
They think shit better than it look I’m a vet I ain’t no rookie
I want fuck she say she tooken but you can bet I get that pussy
Bitch ima dog
How many more shots I gotta call how many more bodies gotta fall
Free my dawgs from behind the way I promise one day we gone ball
Taken shots for all y’all detectives say it’s my fault