Lakeyah & Tee Grizzley – 313-414 Lyrics

Lakeyah 313-414 Lyrics, 313-414 Lyrics by Lakeyah & Tee Grizzley ft DJ Drama

See we gon’ go from Milwaukee to the D
Oh, this not easy
This thing gotta hit a little different
(Reuel, stop playin’ with these n*****)
This my time

Yeah, please tell these hoes they can’t f**k with me like I’m celibate, uh
My name been poppin’, bitch, you know I’m way too relevant, yeah
I’m the biggest in the room, bitch, I’m a elephant, yeah
Might blow a hundred on some ice just for the hell of it
The game, bitch, I’m ahead of it
I’m on these bitches top, they need Excedrin
Countin’ commas, et cetera
Money counter go beep-beep
That new shit that them hoes drop was weak-weak (Weak)
This heater bake a bitch up like a pie, these bitches sweet-sweet
You can do anything in life ‘cept for try me
I got n***** that been killing since the ’90s right here by me
See the police and fly by ’em
Y’all can’t catch us, don’t even try it
N***** fiends having withdrawals, we only do deposits
Ayy, Lakeyah
What’s the word?
What that chain cost?
A bird
That’s a serve, f**k it, kill ’em to the point of no return (Step on ’em)
I put n***** on in these streets like Big Worm
Brought them foreigns to the trenches, park them bitches on the curb
Ayy, I got now, tell them bitches, wait they turn
These hoes stressin’ over n*****, bitch, the money my concern
Ayy, my family still amazed at all this money I done earned
Bitch, wanna burn that bridge, play that Usher, f**k it, let it burn
And they ain’t tryna step to me up in the booth, these bitches scary
In the game runnin’ circles ’round this bitch like Sha’Carri
I don’t f**k with hoes at all but I’ll pop her like a cherry (Grrra, ah)
All these bitch n***** need to stick to actin’, Tyler Perry
Ayy, I be on some feed the whole team shit (The whole gang)
Everybody eat shit, never on no greed shit (Ask them n*****)
I be on some f**k my bitch to sleep shit
I be on some, I’m a king, get down on yo’ knees, bitch (Right now)
You be on some talk behind yo’ people back, sneak diss (Bitch ass), weak shit
I be on some OG, listen more than you speak shit (You know that)
I be on some bro, we gotta move around with heat sticks (We got to)
‘Cause even though we out the streets, we still gotta play defense
Ayy, I hit Tee, like, “I got beef”, he like (Say less, we up the street)
Know I’m rockin’ with the Bucks but if they want it, we got heat
Bitch, I got so many racks, I stand up on it, I’m six feet
I’m a big shit talker, ain’t shit about it petite
Hold up, wait, ayy, Lakeyah, how y’all comin’ in the mil’?
You know we next door to the Chi so if it’s smoke, she getting drilled (Grrra)
How was motherf**kers actin’ when they heard you got a deal?
Man, I heard I had them bum, broke bitches in they feels
How was motherf**kers actin’ when they saw you got them Ms?
They was hurt and they was wounded, I don’t think that they gon’ heal
Some gotta get cut off, some you gon’ have to kill
That shit crazy, that shit deep and that shit steep but that shit real, uh
Let these n***** know 313 to the 414
Five spots on the block, the fiends be going door to door
The shit that we got strong, you serve ’em twice and and they might overdose
I talk to God in my Rolls-Royce, call it the Holy Ghost

Don’t get stuck now figuring it out
Only the strong survive
Sink or swim
All that other shit, drown that out
(Gangsta Grillz)

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