KZN MEC commends mom who refused cattle as payment for daughter’s rape


KZN MEC of Social Development Nonhlanhla Khoza has commended the mother of a rape victim for refusing a payment offer from the person who allegedly raped her daughter.

MEC Khoza said the 18-year-old first-year university student was raped on July 18 in the eThunzini area, KwaKhwela’s Emmaus, in Bergville.

“The perpetrator allegedly dragged her to the nearby forest where the alleged rape took place.”

It is further alleged that the matter was reported to police.

Describing the incident as appalling, the MEC said she visited the family to obtain details regarding police progress.

“The victim’s mother detailed how her child allegedly suffered abuse from the rapist, with some people persuading her to withdraw the case and accept cattle as payment.

“She said that on the day on the incident, she had sent her daughter into town and she was attacked during her return.

“She was dragged into the forest by the rapist who threatened her with a knife and assaulted her. She was badly injured, resulting in her teeth being knocked out before being raped.”

The mother of the victim said her family had been threatened for refusing to withdraw the case.

“Police were not forthcoming in this case until yesterday, when they heard that the MECs were coming to the area. We only heard now that the alleged perpetrator was arrested. We are grateful to those who got involved to ensure the matter received attention,” she said.

She added that she was hurt that even their traditional leader, induna and the mother of the alleged perpetrator came to her homestead to negotiate payment of cattle to settle the matter.

“It is an insult to me and my children. I would not have allowed that to happen.”

Women in the area told MEC Khoza that they feared for their lives as most of them lived with their children while their husbands were at work in big cities.

MEC Khoza said although she was pained by the incident, she was encouraged by the bravery shown by the victim’s mother.

“Rape cases are prevalent in this area. It is very disappointing to learn that police drag their feet when dealing with such matters. However, we have been informed that the alleged perpetrator was arrested last night,” said MEC Khoza.

She said there would be no tolerance for people who allowed the abuse of women and children.

“It is an insult that a person can rape and offer to pay for ‘damages’ with cattle. This is not our culture, but criminality that will not be tolerated. Our team of social workers will remain with the child to provide psychosocial support to her and the family. What is also important is to ensure the perpetrator pays for his sins.

“It is very disappointing that during Women’s Month, we have to deal with these incidences. We need to stand up and expose the criminals who destroy the future of our children.”

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